Monday, July 28, 2014

Made It Monday - Tablet Charging Station & Trashcan Beautification

I don't know about you, but I look forward to 4th Grade Frolics' Made It Monday linky party each week!   I love to see all the fun projects everyone is up to over the summer!  This week I worked on two projects; a charging station for my four tablets and making my gross green trashcans look pretty! :)

Last year I got four tablets through donations from parents and from Donors Choose.  They were great to have in the classroom but a pain to keep charged because I could not fit all four charing blocks on one power strip.  So, coming up with a better solution was on my list of summer projects.  Since the big power blocks were such a problem I started by going on Amazon to find a solution.  Check out this great USB wall charger.  It's great because I won't need any charging blocks!

So with that problem solved, I just needed to come up with a cute container for the tablets!  I decided to paint the toolbox that my daughter made me in her "shop" class this year.  

You can see the awesome new USB charring block in the picture below!  I can't wait to bring this to school and get it set up for my kiddos!!

I don't know about you but the trash cans in my classroom are OLD, DIRTY and UGLY!  I actually got this idea from my buddy, Kimberley, who was tired of her yucky trash cans too! 

 After a good cleaning, I spray painted them!!  If you can't tell, I love zebra print so I painted the cans black and added two rows of my fav zebra duct tape around the rim of the trash cans!  Wham!!  Instant trashcan beautification!!!  

 Thanks for stopping by to check out these fun projects!  I'm headed to the linky to get inspired…

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