Sunday, May 12, 2013

Teacher Appreciation and Volunteer Gift Ideas

I feel blessed to be working at a school where the administration and PTA really support the teachers and staff.  During Teacher Appreciation week, they were so kind and generous to us!  They decorated the whole school like a Tiki lounge and handed us all leis as we walked into school.  They had an actual Tiki bar set up with fruit smoothies one day, had desserts another day and redecorated each of our staff bathrooms with new soaps, lotions, hand towel and cute pictures. 

All that kindness has inspired me and gotten me in the gift giving spirit so I thought I would share a few fun gift ideas that I have found on pinterest. 

I hope you were all treated like gold during this past week and I hope these idea inspire you to get your end of the year volunteer thank you gifts going.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Mother's Day to all of you Mom/Teachers out there!  


Monday, May 6, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Sale

Great news, TpT is having a big Teacher Appreciation Sale from May 7-8!

This sale is a chance to save up to 28% off of some awesome products!  Go check it out but don't forget to use the special check out code to mazimize your savings!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Geometry Fun

Who knew that combining spaghetti with marshmallows would be so much fun?

This week we used uncooked spaghetti and marshmallows to build plane, and 3D shapes.  My cuties could really see that the spaghetti noodles were the straight sides and the marshmallows represented the corners! 

When they created their 3D shapes, the spaghetti was the edges and the marshmallows represented the vertices.


What a fun way to explore shapes in a very hands on way.   One box of spaghetti and one bag of mini marshmallows was plenty for my whole class so with a quick trip to your friendly dollar store and you can have the supplies for this lesson for as little as $2.  A quick tip, I broke the spaghetti into thirds (about the size of toothpicks) because the larger spaghetti made the 3D shapes too unstable

Thanks for stopping by, please let me know if you have ever tried this in your classroom!  It was a first for me but I will be doing it again for sure!!