Friday, July 18, 2014

Back from Vegas with a RENEWED LOVE of Teachers Pay Teachers!

I have been back from Vegas since Monday but today is the first day I have had to myself because I had leadership meetings at my school all week!  Boy, do I miss Vegas…

I had a blast in Vegas and spent lots of quality time with 2 of my favorite TPT sellers, Kim Row and Carrie Shoenfelder!  These ladies and I spent the whole week laughing and touring around town enjoying all the amazing and often distracting (squirrel) sites!  We won some money from the $1 roulette tables and penny slots and we even got to ride in 2 different limos!  We really felt like high rollers!

The highlight of our trip was the opportunity to participate in the first ever Teachers Pay Teachers conference!  Honestly, I can't believe it was just 1 week ago today!   Sadly, we missed the big blogger meet up because we had tickets to a show but the whole day of the conference was filled with meeting amazing teacher sellers and some pretty fantastic break-out sessions!

We were treated to breakfast and all gathered together to hear the key note speakers before our sessions started.  Being in the room with over 750 teacher sellers was pretty cool; the energy was electric!  Each of the speakers got up and graciously shared their story with us in ways that made us laugh and touched our hearts!  The dedication that the company has to teachers is impressive, the company truly consists of a group of people who "get" what we do and want to help us make a difference in not on each other's lives but in the lives of the students who ulitimatly use the materials shared on the site.  

I got tears in my eyes after Deanna Jump and Paul Edelman spoke.  They were both so genuine and humble in their keynote speeches that we all sat there feeling like we were listening to an old friend tell us a familiar story.  Deanna, Paul and every TPT employee at the conference were all so friendly and approachable.  It was amazing to meet them all in person, and of course I had to get my picture taken with some of them...

Teachers Pay Teachers did an amazing job of pulling us all together, inspiring us and motivating us to be our best - just as they do on their website!  The site really is more than teacher sellers and teacher buyers, it is truly a collaborative world filled with not only professional but often personal development!  

I simply can not wait until next year's conference!!  

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