Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A few good ideas & a FREEBIE

If your anything like me, you're out there searching pinterest, google and the world wide web for tips and tricks to help your classroom be more organized and engaging for your students.  I thought I would share a few good ideas that I use in my classroom for small group instruction (guided reading and small group math stations).
Liquid chalk + a dollar store closet push light = a quick way to let my kiddos know not to disturb us while we are working in our small group.  My kiddos are totally into the "do not disturb light" and will point to the light if someone comes up while we are meeting in our small group.  I have even heard students tell each other, "Look the light is on, you can't go over there until the light is off." 
This is my guided reading/small group math table.  Another teacher friend of mine gave me the idea of using contact paper as instant dry erase boards.  I used to have white contact paper rectangles on the table but found these crayola dry erase wall decals on clearance and cut them in half.  I have also found dry erase contact paper in rolls.   All of them work great and are super convenient!

This year, I started sending guided reading books home with students and needed a way to send them home safely AND get them to come back to school each day.  I laminated large envelopes for students to keep their books in, students will get 1 small sticker on the back of their book “bag” if they remembered to bring the books back to school.  They will get an additional sticker if they can tell me who they read to the night before! When they have 5 stickers, I circle them and they earn 1 ticket to spend at the treasure box! It works great and students are super motivated to read at home each night!  Feel free to pick up the book bag cover freebie at my TPT store.

Thanks for stopping by!   I hope you enjoyed taking a peak around my room.  Please comment and share some of your great ideas! :)


  1. Laura, we love the "Do Not Disturb" idea with the light! Thanks for sharing!

    :) Tamra and Sarah

  2. I love the idea of the "Do Not Disturb" light! I need to get one for my room! I've seen the idea of using those mats for dry erase boards, so you are convincing me that would be worth trying out too.

    Common Core Teacher's Toolbox

  3. I love the contact paper dry erase board idea!!! I am going to have to give that a try! And the light is also a great idea, my kiddos are pretty good this year but last year not so much, I will have to remember it for next year! Glad I found your blog!!

    Clearly Kindergarten

  4. I have a lantern that I use to the same effect. I recently wrote a post about it. The kids absolutely love it!

  5. A Taplight works really well too! Thanks for the idea about the contact paper. Can't wait to go get some!!