Saturday, July 26, 2014

Creating a Facebook page can be easier than you think

Ya just gotta love social media…

After my trip to Vegas and the TPT conference, I was determined to get myself a Facebook page.  I have a personal Facebook page but am not the best at keeping up with it so each time I go there I find the changes are almost overwhelming.  My husband and 2 teenagers literally laugh at my inability to grasp the simple interface.

So, when I first sat down to create my First Grade Spies page I decided to google for some help.  Luckily, I found a wonderful blog from Jenny at Luckyfrog's Lillypad that basically walked me through the process.  

So thanks to Jenny, I finally got around to creating my Facebook page!  I am excited to be able to collaborate and share ideas with you all via Facebook now too!  Please stop by my page and shoot me a link to your page so we can network there as well!

My next social media hurdle is going to be Instagram!  Yikes!  I downloaded the app but that's as far as I've gotten.  LOL

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  1. Laura, I have set up a FB page but my personal page seems to be very domineering and people seem to have difficulty 'finding' my page. Therefore when I am making comments to them it will be from my profile page and I cant respond from my FB page. Does this make sense and do you have problems between the 2 pages?
    I'm commenting to you here through Bloglovin link.

    First Grade by the Sea