Thursday, December 12, 2013

Gingerbread Crafts & Freebies

Every year I like to have my students create a special holiday present for their parents and for the past few years we have been making these super cute gingerbread ornaments. 

The first step is to cut the men out using sandpaper from the dollar store.  I usually cut these out ahead of time because cutting sandpaper can be very challenging for those little student scissors.  

Once they are cut, I have students rub a cinnamon stick over them to give them a yummy smell and then glue them to a piece of brown construction paper.  

I let the gingerbread men dry overnight and then students can cut out around the brown construction paper and begin the decorating!  

Gingerbread men can be decorated with crayons, puff balls & goggly eyes.  To finish them off you just have to punch a hole in the top & add a ribbon to hang it from.  It takes us a couple of days to finish these adorable gingerbread ornaments but they are so worth it! 

Now for the FREEBIE!  Gingerbread Adjective Craftivity!  Check this out in my TPT store, you can  have students create their own gingerbread person using construction paper and then use adjectives to describe them. There is also an alternative follow up Create Your Own Gingerbread Person adjective practice worksheet included!

Thanks for stopping by!  What are some of the fun things you make for parent gifts this time of year?  What do you you give your students?  

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Holiday Linky Party

It's been snowing here all day and as far as I can tell, it has switched over to an icy rain mix now!  Brrrrrr!  It is beautiful to look at, I'm just hoping to get a snow day tomorrow so I won't have to drive in it!!

I just want to write a quick post today to share some holiday fun!   While I was surfing my favorite blogs today, I found this great linky party over at My Kinder Garden Blog.  Hop over there and check out all the amazing and cute holiday ideas in the linky!