Monday, August 4, 2014

Made It Monday -My Cute Teacher Basket & Sneaker Designs

Once again I am linking up for another fun Made It Monday with Tara at Four Grade Frolics.

Since I still have some time before we start school, I am busy working on what feels like 100 different projects!  Hopefully I will get them all done in time…

This week I have 2 fun transformations to share and 1 total flop!!

My first Made it Monday project is a basket repaint.   My aunt gave me this basket that she picked up at a yard sale.  She bought it for a few bucks because it had a bunch of misc. items in that she wanted but didn’t want the basket.  How could I pass this cute little gem up?  It is a deep square and will be perfect for a turn in bin or a book browsing basket. 

I sprayed it white and added some zebra stripes, polka dots and hot glue gunned this cute black and white ribbon around the edge to bring all my cuteness together!  I am in love with this basket now!!!

My next project is a cheap sneaker make over.  I have a had this pair of sneakers for a few years but last year I stained them somehow and was going to throw them away.  Then I got the idea of turning them into theme sneakers to go with my school’s name (Strawberry Knoll).  So, I dyed them in red dye and got some fabric markers to transform them into strawberries!

They were so easy to make and turned out so cute that I got inspired to make another pair of fun Friday sneakers, which brings me to my TOTAL FLOP! Lol

I snagged some plain white sneakers from Walmart for $5.94 and thought that I would decorate them with smile faces.  I love smile face anything so I thought these sneakers would be super fun to make and even more fun to wear!!!

Ok, as you can see from my collage things were looking great at first and I was so excited!  I used the fabric makers to draw all different shaped yellow circles.  THEN, I started drawing the eyes, mouth and circle around the faces.  The first few faces seemed like they were going well then I looked back and saw that the fabric makers were bleeding and my cute smile faces were morphing into scary looking sloppy faces!  Yuck!  I was so sad.  I was really about to toss them and my awesome 16 year old daughter suggested that I color the failed faces black and add yellow dots all over and to add black dots to the other sneaker that I had not messed up yet.   The end result is kinda cute but I still consider them a fail because I WANT smile face sneakers now and am going to try again after I do some fabric paint research! 

Thanks for stopping by to check out the transformations!  I just love Made It Monday and can’t wait to go read and get inspired to finish my other 98 projects!

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  1. I love the basket transformation! I'm always on the lookout for a good basket!