Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Getting Ready to Get Ready for School

Ha!  How many of you guys know exactly what I mean?  School starts for me on August 28th and teachers go back on August 18th.  So, this week I am getting ready to get ready for August 18th.  I went into my classroom yesterday to check it out.  The room is shiny and clean but literally everything was crammed into the back of the room so that building services could wax the floors!  So my awesome 19 year old son came over and moved everything out of my cubbie area for me.  What a sweetie!!

This picture is after about 3 hours of moving and unpacking…

All morning I have been playing on pinterest and trying to come up with some new ways to arrange my 17 student desks this year.  Here are a few of the awesome tips and layouts that I found:

There is a cool website called Classroom Desk Arrangements.com that is fun to try.  You can pick how many desks you need in your room and it gives suggestions of how to lay them out. 

Rachel Lynette over at Minds in Bloom has a wonderful blog post with ideas and suggestions for using clusters, rows, circles, u-shapes and more.  Her blog is awesome and has tons of other great ideas for making your classroom set up functional and creative!

Randi over at Teaches Third in Georgia used some crates to add a bit of storage to her table groups!  I think I am going to see if that will work in my room.

So, how do you arrange your desks?  Are you like me?  Do you get ready to get ready this time of  year??  :)  Hopefully, after a few more days I will be finished moving and unpacking so that I can start tackling bulletin boards and decorations!  Yikes!

Please feel free to leave me comments and links to your blogs, I love peaking into other classrooms especially this time of year!

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