Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sweet Similes

This week we had some yummy fun exploring similes!  Thanks to a fun freebie from Amy Lemons, we created ice cream similes.

I introduced the concept with a BrainPopJr. video and then I gave my kiddos some ice cream to enjoy. BrainPopJr has a great ice cream worksheet that goes great with this lesson as well but we used the freebie from Amy Lemons because there are two versions and I love offering differentiation for my kiddos. 

While they ate, we brainstormed similes to describe the ice cream.  They did a great job, and loved creating their own ice cream cones to show off their sweet similes!

This simile lesson made my kiddos as happy as ants at a picnic and their ice cream cone creations turned out as cute as pie!

 Next we will be exploring alliteration!  Come back soon to check out our cute alliteration creations.


  1. Hey Laura,
    How exciting I am your 100th follower!! I found you through TBTS, glad I did, great stuff.
    The Picture Book Teacher's Edition

  2. Yay and thanks! That is so exciting! I'm headed to your blog now!

  3. What a wonderfully fun and yummy idea! And just in time for ice cream season. Thanks, as always, for the neat idea!