Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Superhero Alliterations FREEBIE!

My cuties are having so much fun with superheros lately that I decided they needed to create their own Superhero Alliterations.  After learned all about alliterations and created a few using their names, we read the book, Superhero ABC by Bob McLeod!  They went crazy for this book and loved all the awesome alliterations on each amazingly illustrated page.  
Below are some super student sample superheros!  We took two days to complete these.  The first day, we read the book and brainstormed nouns, verbs and adjectives that could describe their superhero.  On the second day, students wrote their alliterations and illustrated their superhero.   

Act fast, and follow the link to pick up this fun Freebie from my fabulous TPT store.

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