Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Safe way to use YouTube in the classroom

Who doesn't love YouTube?  There are so many great educational videos out there.  I love finding songs, brain breaks, book read alouds and even the occasional indoor recess movie!  What I don't love about YouTube are the ads that pop up after the videos!  Yikes,  they can be so distracting and occasionally they are down right inappropriate!

So, what's the solution?  Safe Share. SafeShare.TV is a simple website where you insert your youtube link and Safe Share gives you a SafeShare.TV link that eliminates all those distractions.


Here's how to create a SafeShare link in 3 easy steps:

1. Copy the link of the YouTube video you want to SafeShare.

2. Open SafeShare.TVand paste the link from YouTube into the box in the middle of the page.

3. Click on the green, General Safe Link button and a the click the red link to safely view your video in a new window.  You can copy and share that link in emails, power points, and documents.  

Bonus, you can click on Customize video and edit how much of the video you would like to see.

Here is the SafeShare link for this cute little Adaptation video that I found on YouTube!

Here are a few of my favorite SafeShare (YouTube) videos:

Echolocation - cute song with catchy tune!

Continent Song - I love the graphics and photos in this video and the song is so easy to sing, the kids will be singing their continents in no time.

Bruno Mars sings Don't Give Up with some Sesame stars!  I love showing this to my little guys and reminding them to work hard everyday!

Friends of Ten is a cute little song about all the combos of making the number ten! This has been great for the beginning of the year in 1st grade!  

What are your favorite classroom YouTubes?  Please share below and check out SafeShare for yourself!  Oh yeah, did I mention that it's FREE?  Gotta love that!!


  1. Great information on SafeShare.TV for YouTube videos! You're right, who doesn't love YouTube?
    ~Paul Anton
    Promoting Success Blog

  2. I love SafeShare.TV! The last thing my 5th graders need - Distractions!!