Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fun Spider Fact and Opinion Writing with Freebies!

All week we have been having such fun reading and researching all about spiders!  One of the best books I found was a National Geographic Kids book with awesome text features and full color photographs!  We cleared out our library of all their non-fiction spider books and dove right in!   I found some great spider freebies on the Kidzone website to supplement our learning.  My kiddos had a blast learning about our 8 legged friends.

After all our research, we used Amy Lemons cute little power point freebie to practice seeing the difference between facts and opinions!  This was the perfect activity to help bridge the facts that they had learned and their thoughts and feelings about spiders.

After our whole group lesson on facts and opinions, students worked in pairs to sort their research sentences into facts and opinions.  After students sorted their sentences, they wrote their first opinion pieces and created cute spiders to decorate our room just in time for Halloween! Their writing turned out great and they were so excited to create the spiders!!

Click below to pick up my Spider Opinion Writing Freebie! 

Next week we are going to focus our research on Bats!  I just love this time of the year...

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