Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I can not believe it is March already.  The weather here is not cooperating and we are having yet another snow storm today!  It's crazy!

I'm sorry I have not blogged in so long!  My Dad got really sick at the end of December and that totally threw me off my schedule.

Thankfully, after almost a month of hospitals and rehab, he is mostly recovered and getting stronger everyday!  

School has been crazy too, especially since we have a had 9 snow days!!  I mean, I like snow days as much as the next kid but 9?  At this rate I am afraid we will be in school until July!

Anyway, Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!  I hope you have some fun things planned for your class!  We are reading one of my favorite St. Patrick's Day Stories, The Luckiest Leprechaun!  What a cute story about the friendship between a cranky old leprechaun and a scroungy dog!

Usually, a leprechaun makes his way into our classroom  and leaves a few signs of his mischievous visit.  He leaves  some cute little green footprints, scatters chairs, books and leaves use a hidden pot of gold (Rolos).

We will also be doing some fun word work activities from my Word Work Unit for St. Patrick's Day, Easter and Spring.  Usually our word work consists of a weekly list of 1st grade word wall words where they practice spelling them and using them in sentences but sometimes I like to switch it up for them and give them some extra word work with a fun theme.  They love it; they especially love creating words using the letters from other words.  How many words can you make using the letters in Saint Patrick's Day?  I have other theme word word packs in my TPT store, feel free to hop over and check them out!

Here is a fun math Freebie from my TPT store! It's a place value matching worksheet where students match up the place value clues to the matching shamrock. There are two versions; numbers to 120 and a challenge with numbers to 250.

What fun things are you all going to do to celebrate the holiday?


  1. I like your post on point of view and Chester the cat, but I was really touched by the photo of you visiting your dad in the hospital. It makes life a little harder when you are worried about a love one. I hope he is doing well.
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    Teachers Like Freebies

  2. Jean,
    Thanks! My son took that photo, I was fixing my Dad's blanket and getting ready to pose with him for a regular photo to show my sisters how he was feeling when he reached up and poked my nose and told me that I had a cute "button" nose. It was so sweet, my Dad has dementia so sometimes he still talks to me like I am a kid, this time it almost made me cry.
    Anyway, thanks for your kind words, when you are a teacher you spend most days with a smile on your face regardless of what is going on outside of school...
    Thankfully, he is all physically recovered now!
    ~ Laura

  3. I hope your dad gets well soon! Looks like you're a daddy's girl too!
    I'm also sick of winter!!!
    Mrs.Christy’s Leaping Loopers