Thursday, March 20, 2014

A few great point of view books

Hi there!  This week in class we have been working on understanding point of view.  I have found a few fun books that seem to really engage my students while clearly showing them point of view.
The first series of books are the Chester books from Melanie Watt.

The Chester series of books features a rascally cat named Chester who battles with the author Melanie Watt to turn her stories into books all about him.  He uses a red marker to scribble over her typed words and they battle back and forth in the most humorous way.  My students have loved every one of her Chester stories.  

After we read a few of the the Chester books we tried our hands at being "Chester-like".  Students used  a book that I wrote about my dog Dewey and had the best time scribbling all over the pages as they changed the story to be about another character (some created their own Chester story and others used their pets as inspiration.)

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I found another fun book for teaching point of view in a comical way!  A is for Musk Ox  by Erin Cabatingan is a super funny book where a musk ox hijacks an alphabet book from a zebra.  I found a fun alphabet book on and students had to turn the plain old alphabet book into an alphabet book that was all about them. It was a nice point of view follow up activity and it was great adjective practice for them.
I just love finding new mentor texts.  What other books do you use to teach point of view??

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