Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Thanking volunteers

Hi there!  I can not believe it has been a month since I blogged!  I am so sorry but life just got in the way!  My son graduated high school, YAY, and we had tons of fun with prom, graduation and parties galore!

Anyway, it is the end of the year and for me that means time to thank those wonderful volunteers.  I feel very fortunate to have some wonderful parent volunteers each year.  I have no doubt that my first year teaching would have been hectic and filled with late nights at school if it were not for those amazing parents who came in faithfully each week and copied, laminated, cut and organized for me. 

As the school year is coming to a close it is time to put together a token of appreciate for all their hard work.  I thought I would share a few ideas with you with the different ways I have thanked them in the past. 

These insulated coffee mugs came from the Dollar Tree!  They had a color your own insert so I used the school mascot and wrote a little thank you note along the bottom and created my own custom mug for $1!  I filled the mugs with some candy just for fun!

Below is another fun idea.  Take a picture of the children who have parents that volunteer and make a card on the computer using that image.  That way the "thanks" is from you and the child because parents are really volunteering for their children and I think it is nice for the children to acknowledge that and thank their parents!

This quick and easy "Thank you" come from a cute pin I found on pinterest!  Just buy some 100 Grand bars and wrap them with a cute bow and either write a card or create a card like this creative person did. 

During the summer, my husband and I are swim team reps and we are always looking for ways to thank parents for their many volunteer hours.  Since our mascot is a dolphin, I used foam core to create this dolphin and took pictures of the kids holding the dolphin.  I snapped pictures all season long to make sure I got as many kids as I could and then we put all the pictures together in a slide show just for parents and they loved it!!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful end of the school year!  I am looking forward to having some extra time to spend with my family and much neglected friends! 

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