Friday, June 21, 2013

Last week of school = Camping and S'mores!

The last week of school is always crazy for me and the kids.  The weather is beautiful, the pools are open and keeping the kids focused can be a challenge.  This year my team planned a camp like activity for the last week of school.  We each planned an activity to do with a class and then created a schedule that rotated each class through to each teacher.  It was super fun.  In my rotation we used water colors to create murals, they worked in 4 teams per rotation created awesome murals!  After murals dried each teacher got 4 big murals that we used to help us cover empty bulletin boards which made our classrooms look bright and cheery instead of packed up!  

The other roations included Father's Day pet rock creations, volcano experiements, and stain "glass" creations

On the last full day of school we had kids bring in flashlights and we had a big camp out.  I had three tents set up in my classroom and kids created their own campfires using toilet paper tubes and construction paper. 
I found an awesome youtube video of a camp fire that I had playing on the board while they worked.  When they were finished we turned out the lights and they used thier flashlights to read by the campfires. 

After they read we talked about smores!  They shared their experiences with making and eating smores and then I told then that we were going to make smores in our classroom.  They were beyond excited.  We watched a video on making smores in the microwave.  It is a great little youtube video that was perfect for my kids to watch and they write about making smores. 

After we made and ate our smores, the kids wrote the steps to making smores.  It was a perfect conclusion to all our camping fun!  I found this wonderful smores writing paper and some fun camping ideas at Rulin' the Roost!  Be sure the check them out!

Happy Summer to all my awesome teacher friends!!

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  1. Looks like fun! Love the camping theme ideas for the EOY! Bet the kiddos have a great time!

    :) Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies