Monday, August 24, 2015

Classroom decorations Day 1...

Today was my first day back at school and even though I went in last week to sort out supplies for my team it was still a lot of work and dang I am tired tonight!

So here is what my class looked like last week:

It was all shiny and clean and in the corner where you can't see there are boxes and boxes of supplies for the whole first grade team!

So last Friday I went in and with the help of 5 awesome helpers, we got all the supplies sorted and delivered to each of my teammates classrooms!  

Over the weekend I chalk painted a table in my room that turned out so cute!  I used cream colored chalk paint from Jo Ann Fabric (Lace) and mixed  and in my own acrylic paints to create some bright colors!  Mixing the paint was pretty low key, I poured some chalk paint into a plastic ziplock storage container and then added just enough acrylic paint to get the color I wanted.  For my table, I mixed 3 different colors and still had some left over!  Gotta love chalk paint! If you have not tried it yet you need to!!!  I am going to chalk paint an old night stand that I have sitting in front of my classroom, it holds books for kids to read while they are waiting for school to start!  I will post a few pictures later this week...

I also managed to move all my books and set up the library.  This year I added a few new Seuss Turffula trees and moved my palm tree to my reading table (more on that later this week)!  They were super easy to make and Bombshell Bling has a great blog post with lots of pictures to help you make your own!  Since the trees are made of pool noodles they are super light and I was able to simply tie them to my class library using pretty ribbon!

More to come later this week...

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