Friday, January 18, 2013

Class memory quilt

This week in class my cuties created this awesome quilt of their timeline memories! 

They created their own timelines at home with their parent's help and then shared them with the class.  It was so great getting to see all my cuties' baby pictures and hearing about all their major accomplishments in life! lol
After we all shared (yup, that's my timeline on the top) our timelines we each chose our favorite memory to create a quilt square.

After we edited our work we were ready to assemble and decorate our quilt!  
My cuties were so clever about how they wanted to design the edges of our quilt.  I really thought they would each want to draw random pictures all around the edges but as we talked about it they decided that the designs should be in some sort of pattern.  After some debate they decided polka dots on the two sides, stars on the top,  hearts on the bottom, and squiggles on the diagonal pieces.  :)

Here they are working hard on their edge designs!  Amazing and so much fun!  I just love it when a writing assignment has them so invested and engaged!!

What a nice way to end the 2nd quarter!  I am ready for a nice LONG weekend!!

Oh dear, I almost FORGOT - here is a FREEBIE for you in case you want to try this fun writing activity sometime!  


  1. That is a fantastic project...kudos to you and your class!

  2. Just found your cute blog! Super cute activity! I am follower # 8! Congrats on your new bloggy journey!

    1. I am super excited to be on the journey! Thanks for following along! :)