Sunday, July 31, 2016

Colorful Organization & Cleaning Caddies

Hi - I can not believe how long it has been since I blogged last!  Yikes!  Well leave it to Tara at 4th Grade Frolics to motivate me to post to her awesome Made It Monday linky!

My first project was to transform my old yucky black in boxes!  Honestly, when I packed up my classroom at the end of the year I was going to throw them out and go purchase new white ones from Staples!  Then I had an idea…  Spray paint + yucky old in boxes = COLORFUL organization!  I love, love, love spray paint and have accumulated quite the collection of colors over the years!

So I cleaned them off and got to work spray painting them!  I used an old plastic table cloth as my drop cloth so the hardest part was making sure the boxes didn't stick to the table cloth - SO my advice to you is to use newspaper and don't spray them in the grass like I did!  ;)

Well - here they are and they look even better in person than in this picture!!  I still can't get into my classroom because summer school is there until next week but as soon as I can I will be setting these up behind my desk!  

My next project isn't for my classroom at all but I had to share because they turned out so cute and I totally used classroom goodies to created these!  My daughter graduated high school this spring and is head off to The University of Kentucky this month (sigh)!  She is lucky enough to be in a brand new dorm that is a suite style so her and her 3 roommates will not only have 2 bathrooms to clean but a small shared kitchen area!  So I got 3 sterilite shower caddies - the same kind that I have used as shared supply bins in my classroom and created them cleaning caddies.  Of course I had to personalize them and simply used stickers and stick on gems to decorate them with a little UK flair!

I hope you are all having a blast creating this summer!  I can't wait to go check out more of everyone's Made It Monday projects!  They really motivate me and get me excited to get back into the classroom!  


  1. What a cute college idea, I'm sure the girls will love them!

  2. Love the cleaning caddies...cute and practical!