Sunday, January 24, 2016

Blizzard inspired Measurement Freebie

Wow - we just had ourselves a Blizzard in Maryland and all over the east coast!!  School was closed on Friday in preparation and has been closed already for Monday and Tuesday!

I was inspired during the snow day on Friday and came up with a fun way to track how much snow we were getting using some non-standard measurements!  So, naturally I ran up to the dollar store to gather some supplies!

I grabbed an old board from the garage and my trusty hot glue gun and glued down all sorts of things that I thought might be fun ways to measure our snow!  Legos, markers, straws, bugs and of course some rulers!  I used some sharpies to mark the measurements and wrote a cute little title on my board and bam!  I was ready for the snow to come!

I moved the sign today and got our final measurement right in the middle of my unplowed street!  

So now I know how deep the snow was...

The blizzard of 2016 was 3 1/2 straws deep 
7 bugs deep
16 dominos deep
55 Legos deep
4 1/2 markers deep
22 inches deep

Whenever we get back to school I am going to share the pictures with my students and hopefully my principal will let me take them outside so we can measure the snow ourselves!  

Click here or the images above to grab a freebie for your class!  I hope everyone in this blizzards path will be dug out soon!  :)

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