Sunday, March 24, 2013

Math Workshops - The Center Based Classroom

How do you teach your math block?
As you probably know by now, I am all about small group math instruction.  :)  I can not say enough good things about teaching small group math!  In fact, I blogged about small group math and my Math Stations at the beginning of March but when I ran across a blog post on The Center Based Classroom, I just had to share!

My new bloggy friend, Michaela, over at The Center Based Classroom explains her math workshops in a clear and concise way! In her 80 minute math block, she starts with a 20 minute whole group lesson and then has small groups rotate through 4 math centers (computers, teacher led group, math games and practice work).  It is the perfect formula and she does a fantastic job of explaining how each of her centers works. 

If are on the fence about trying small group math, you need to hop over to her blog and read all about it, she even has a link to an excellent article from Scholastics which will give you more ideas and some excellent reasons to try teaching math this way!  I call this small group math, Math Stations and Michaela calls them Math Workshop but whatever you call it, IT WORKS!  Students are engaged and learning for the whole block and I feel less stressed as a teacher because I know I am reaching every student's math needs everyday!

Thanks for sharing, Michaela!!  Happy teaching everyone!

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